Gutsy Walk 2018 - Gutsy Walk 2018
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As you know, our daughter Hailee has been battling colitis for many years now. Crohn’s and colitis are chronic diseases that can have a devastating impact on quality of life. They are the Canadian diseases. Canada has the highest rates of Crohn’s and colitis in the world and those rates are increasing. An incredible 1 out of every 35 Canadians is impacted by Crohn’s or colitis. 

That's why on Sunday, June 3, 2018 Team Ram will be participating in Crohn’s and Colitis Canada’s Gutsy Walk. The walk is very important to us, which is why I’m asking you to be GUTSY by making a donation. For life.

Help make it STOP and make a donation today: [%Link-SponsorMe%]

Thank you so much! 
Hailee, Gennifer, Dawn & Mark


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