Gutsy Walk 2018 - Gutsy Walk 2018
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Dear Family and Friends, 

We are excited to be back again fundraising for a great cause and to show our support for Emily and all those affected by these diseases!!

Although we ended up having quite a few appointments for Emily in Calgary last year, we are happy to say overall she has had a great year!  The medication she was put on around this time last year has been working well for her and has helped her live the way a (now 5!) year old should.  We are fortunate and appreciate that Emily's disease can be controlled with medication right now but like all medications we understand that they have their limitations. One part of our current regimen is a weekly injection given at home by April and I, and as you can imagine this isn't an easy task for a five year old to undergo every week especially when she doesn't completely understand the reasoning for it.  A lot of the funds raised by the Gutsy Walk are given to research and development for creating and fine tuning medications for patients of IBD and we know there is still lots of work to be done!!   This is why on June 3rd we will walk for her and all those that strive to find better ways of life living with IBD.

We are honored this year to be chosen as one of the ‘Feature Teams’ for this years walk; check us out on the feature teams website.

If you feel compelled to donate to our cause, please click on the 'donate now' button and follow the link.

Thank you for your support.

Nathan and April