Official Tournament Rules
*Rules are subject to change and tournament captain has final say in any dispute.

Tournament Schedule and Format

  • Each team is guaranteed a minimum of 3 games. 
  • This is a 7-on-7 tournament. There must be 7 players on the field at all times. In the case of injury, 6 players will be allowed with approval from tournament captain.
  • Tournament schedules will be provided to team captains prior to the start of the tournament and tournament brackets will be updated throughout the day. Captains are responsible for ensuring their teams are present at the correct field and ready to play as soon as the previous game ends.
  • Game clock will start 5 minutes after the end of the previous game. Any team that does not have 7 players on the field within 2 minutes will forfeit the game.
  • Each game will be 25 minutes long.
  • Each team gets a 30 second time out per game.
  • Other than during timeouts, the game clock will only stop at the one-minute warning and at dead ball situations (out-of-bounds, incomplete passes, or change of possessions) with under one minute left in the game.
  • There is a 20 second play clock in effect on all offensive possessions.
  • While clarifications of the rules with officials are allowed during the game, these do not stop the game or play clock unless a time out is called.
  • Team rosters are to be finalized prior to team’s first game of the day. Players shall not play for any other team other than the team they originally registered for. If a team’s available players fall below 7 people, the team may recruit a suitable substitute with the approval of the tournament captain.

Uniforms and Equipment

  • Crohn’s and Colitis Canada will provide official game day shirts which may be worn for game play OR you may wear your own team uniforms.
  • During game play, one team will wear colored vests over their uniform shirts to distinguish between the two teams.
  • Players may wear sneakers or tennis shoes; no metal cleats. Standard molded plastic cleats are strongly recommended. Cleats MUST NOT be longer than 1 inch.
  • Official game balls (official CFL size) will be provided at the event.
Basic Game Play
  • A coin toss will determine the first possession.
  • Each field will be approx 25 x 50 yards long (not including the end zones).
  • Teams will have 3 downs. There will be two first down markers on the field. One will be before midfield, the second past it before the red zone. If the offence does not wish to go for it on third down they may punt the football. If punted, the opposing team assumes possession at their own 5 yard line (no actual punting). If the offence fails to convert third down, the opposing team takes over from the previous line of scrimmage. There are no field goals.
  • All rules and penalties follow basic CFL rules of play unless otherwise stated.
  • All possessions (with the exception of interceptions or a turnover on downs) will start at the 5 yard line.


  • The center must snap the ball in one fluid motion, but the snap does NOT have to be between the legs as an upright pass or hand-off is permitted.
  • All offensive players must be set for one second before the snap. Only one player may be in motion at the snap. The motion must be lateral (no forward motion).
  • The quarterback (player who receives the snap) can ONLY run if the defense crosses the line of scrimmage. Anyone can run after a handoff or pitch behind the line of scrimmage.
  • Passes and handoffs behind the line of scrimmage are allowed. If a player receives a pass behind the line of scrimmage, they may run with the ball OR throw a forward pass as long as the ball has never crossed the line of scrimmage.
  • All players are eligible to receive a forward pass.
  • There is a “no run zone" within 5 yards of the offensive end zone. The ball can only be progressed with a forward pass when it is spotted within this zone.
  • Offensive players may not initiate contact with the defense. All blockers, both at the line of scrimmage and down field must be stationary. If a player is farther down field than the ball carrier, once the ball crosses the line of scrimmage, they must stop moving immediately.
  • The ball carrier MUST make an effort to avoid intentional contact with a defender. Stiff-arming, lowering the shoulder or intentionally running over a defender is illegal and unsportsmanlike conduct.
  • Using the hands, arms, ball or any part of the body to block the defense from pulling the ball carriers flags is illegal as it is considered “flag guarding".
  • The quarterback has 7 seconds to throw the ball if they are not rushed. Once the defense has crossed the line of scrimmage or the ball has been pitched, the 7 second rule is no longer in effect.
  • To complete a catch, the receiver must establish possession of the ball with at least one foot in bounds and no body parts touching out of bounds.
  • If the receiver runs out of bounds before touching the ball, he or she may re-enter the field of play, but may not be the first player to touch the ball.
  • The ball will be spotted wherever the ball is located at the time the ball carrier’s flags are pulled. That means you can extend the ball forward to score or increase forward progress.
  • The receiver must not dive or jump to avoid a defender or progress the ball. The ball will be blown dead at the spot.
  • All fumbles are dead at the spot where the ball hits the ground. The offense retains possession.

The ball and play are also dead when any of the following occurs:

  • The ball carrier’s flags are pulled.
  • The ball carrier steps out of bounds.
  • A touchdown or safety is scored.
  • The ball carrier’s knee touches the ground.
  • If the ball carrier’s flags fall off without the defense pulling the flags, a defensive player must touch the ball carrier with one hand to stop the play.


  • The defense may rush the quarterback. Anyone rushing the quarterback must line up 5 yards away from the line of scrimmage and must count OUT LOUD to 3 seconds (e.g. one, one thousand, two, one thousand, three, one thousand) before moving towards the line of scrimmage.
  • If the ball is handed off or pitched in the back field, the defense may cross the line of scrimmage immediately.
  • The defense may not make contact with receivers at any time (i.e. no bump-and-run coverage).
  • Stripping the ball is not allowed. Once an offensive player has established possession, the defense must go for the flags.
  • A defender may push a ball carrier out of bounds. The push must be around the waist or in the area of the flags.
  • Interceptions are live.
  • If the last defender available to make a play on a ball carrier holds, pushes, tackles or in any way impedes the offensive player's progress instead of making an effort to pull the flags, the result of the play is a touchdown.


  • Touchdown = 6 points
  • Point After TD from the 5 yard line = 1 point
  • Point After TD from the 10 yard line = 2 points
  • Safety (flag pull or fumble in the defensive end zone) = 2 points. Defense takes over possession of the ball at the 20 yard line.
  • Extra point intercepted and returned for a touchdown = 2 points (regardless of whether the original attempt was for 1 or 2 points)


Offensive Penalties
  • Offsides/false start/illegal motion: Dead ball, 5 yard penalty, replay the down.
  • Delay of game: Dead ball, clock stops, 5 yard penalty, loss of down.
  • Illegal number of players on the field: Dead ball, 5 yard penalty, loss of down.
  • Quarterback crossing the line of scrimmage prior to pass: Live ball, 5 yard penalty, loss of down.
  • Offensive pass interference: Live ball, 10 yard penalty, replay the down.
  • Flag guarding: Dead ball, 10 yard penalty from spot of the infraction. Any resulting yardage is credited to the receiver prior to marking off penalty. 1st down yardage prior to penalty results in 1st down.
  • Defense may decline and take the result of the play.
  • Illegal touching (receiver out-of-bounds before touching the ball): Pass Incomplete, loss of down
  • Illegal contact, blocking, or charging: 10 yards from the spot, loss of down.
  • Unsportsmanlike conduct: 15 yard penalty from the end of the play (the down counts).
  • **NOTE: Loss of down penalties on a PAT attempt nullify the try (whether successful or not).
Defensive Penalties
  • Offsides: Live ball, Offense chooses 5 yard penalty OR the result of the play.
  • Illegal number of players on the field: Live ball, 5 yard penalty, replay the down.
  • Stripping: 10 yards from the spot of the foul.
  • Holding/Tackling the ball carrier: 10 yards from the spot of the foul. If the defender is the last player between the ball carrier and the end zone, automatic touchdown is awarded.
  • Roughing the passer (contact with the throwers hand or arm): 10 yard penalty.
  • Illegal rush: Live ball, 5 yard penalty, replay the down.
  • Illegal contact (contact with a receiver who does not have possession of the ball): Live ball, 10 yard penalty, replay the down.
  • Pass interference: Live ball, 10 yard penalty, automatic 1st down.
  • Unsportsmanlike conduct: 15-yard personal foul (automatic 1st down).

Other Rules and Penalties

  • When a penalty occurs within 5 or 10 yards of the end zone (depending on the foul) and the full yardage cannot be assessed, the penalty will be assessed as half the distance to the goal line.
  • "Live ball" penalties indicate the play continues despite the flag. The non-penalized team can choose to decline the penalty and take the result of the play.
  • "Dead ball" penalties indicate the play is immediately blown dead and the penalty cannot be declined.
  • The safety of all players is our number one priority. Excessively aggressive play will not be tolerated. Anyone whose play jeopardizes the safety of other tournament participants will be asked to leave the game and/or tournament.

Overtime Rules

  • If a game is tied at the end of regulation play, an untimed overtime will be played to determine the winner. There will be a coin toss to determine possession of ball.
  • Both teams are given three (3)plays, with no time outs, from the 30-yard (mid-field) line to gain as much yardage as possible or score a TD.
  • If the first team scores a TD on either its first or second down, the second team will have to match or beat this accomplishment. For example, if the first team scores on the second play and the second team scores on the first play then the second team is the winner.
  • In the event neither team scores, whichever team has progressed the ball the furthest will be the winner.
  • If neither team scores nor gains yardage or if the two teams score in an equal number of plays, there will be a second overtime which will include a new coin toss to determine possession.
  • Once possession is decided the teams will have two (2) plays to score or gain yardage. All previous overtime rules apply. The two play scenario will be repeated for the 3rd overtime. For the 4th overtime and beyond, teams will only get 1 play to score or advance the ball.

If an interception occurs during overtime, the defense will take over at the 30 yard line unless the interception is returned for a TD. In this event, the defense will be awarded a TD and the game will be over. 

Stadium Etiquette

  1. The Main Field will be made available thirty minutes before the scheduled start time for players, coaches and officials.
    NOTE: The South Practice Field is OFF LIMITS at all times.
  2. Participants and spectators are to enter and leave the facility through the Pass Gate located at the southwest corner of the Stadium.
  3. Spectators are to use the West Stands ONLY. The East Side of the Stadium is OFF LIMITS.
  4. Only game participants and club officials are allowed at field level. Friends, relatives, etc. must remain in the West Stands.
  5. All players/officials are asked to stay off the grass fringes around the field.
    • Standard molded plastic cleats are strongly recommended.
    • Screw-in metal cleats and V-cleats are NOT allowed.
    • Cleats MUST NOT be longer than 1 inch.
  7. McMahon Stadium is a non-smoking facility.
  8. Chewing tobacco and sunflower seeds are not allowed at field level.
  9. Food/drink (other than water) are not allowed at field level.
  10. Bicycles and pets are not allowed at field level.
  11. Alcohol is not allowed on McMahon Stadium premises.
  12. We would request that all teams pick up around their bench after the game – garbage cans will be supplied at each of the bench areas.