Gutsy Walk 2019 - Gutsy Walk 2019

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Registration: 11:30 AM
Warm Up: TBD
Start: 1:00 PM
Walk Distance: 3K


Cures for Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis are steps away.

Join us on Sunday, June 2 at our 24th annual Gutsy Walk to walk, jog or run with us towards a future free from Crohn’s and colitis.

Registered Gutsy Walk participants will have the opportunity to:

• Receive a Gutsy Walk T-shirt by raising $100 or more
• Join our Top Pledge Earner Club by raising $1,000 or more

Have questions? For more information, please contact us:


Jarret Gosbee, 2018 Gutsy Walk Local Honorary Chair

My names is Jarret Gosbee and I'm extremely proud to be the Honorary Chair for this years Gutsy Walk in Sydney.

My story isn't uncommon among IBD patients. Ten years ago, at the age of 19, I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis while in my second year of study at St Francis Xavier University. Like many others I had little to no knowledge of IBD when I was diagnosed. I remember asking, "how do I get rid of it" and the doctor explaining that I would probably need to stay on medication for life. Despite some missed classes and interruptions I graduated on schedule in 2010 thanks in part to a great support staff of educators, family and friends.

After moving to Sydney a few months after graduation I was disappointed at the lack of resources available to IBD patients. Through Crohn's and Colitis Canada education resources as well as online forums and scientific journals I pursued an individual journey to answer a lot of questions I had about IBD and my future. During the initial years of my diagnosis I could manage with only mild medications but flare ups and hospitalizations were frequent. While I avoided any major complications/surgeries I also avoided social interactions with fear of bathroom emergencies and limited exercise and physical activity for the same reasons. After a few years I started to ask myself if, apart from my medication, was I doing enough to maintain a healthy lifestyle? I wasn't. In 2012, after my girlfriend started running, I decided to purchase a vintage road bike. Later that spring I learned to swim and competed in my first triathlon a few months later. Since that day I've competed in many sprint/Olympic distance triathlons and three long course (half-ironman) triathlons. I've qualified for age group world championships in both the Olympic and long course triathlon distances.

One thing IBD has taught me is that the unknown can be terrifying, and that's ok. We often avoid putting ourselves into situations where the odds aren't in our favor to avoid fear or disappointment. As IBD patients the odds are rarely in our favor, but that doesn't mean a goal isn't worth pursuing. Apart from generally living a healthier lifestyle, triathlon has taught me that putting in the work and making incremental improvements each day can yield benefits that you previously thought were unimaginable. Likewise, I'm confident that awareness and funds raised daily, weekly or yearly in support of Crohn's and Colitis research will eventually lead to a cure.

Looking back over the last 10 years I wouldn't trade a single symptom or side effect if it meant sacrificing the life experiences, people I've met and knowledge I've gained throughout my IBD journey. Thanks to increasing treatment options IBD is no longer a day-to-day controller in my life, for now, but there is still no cure. My disease is manageable but still unpredictable.

That's why fundraisers like the Gutsy Walk on June 3rd, 2018 at Wentworth Park are so important. Join me and my fiancé, Cayla, in making another incremental improvement to hopefully one day get to the finish line and find a cure.